[Dino] is staying true to his goal of hacking one job every week. this time around around, he’s working on a toy that will amuse as well as pleasure his cats. The job centers around a mouse home that has two holes where mice can stick their heads out. When they do, a bit LED lamp illuminates their appearance in really hopes to catch the eye of your lazy kitty.

The system that automates this gadget is rather smart as well as reminds us of the most useless machine. That is, the armature that holds a mouse on either end actuates a limiting switch in the middle of the box when it moves to subject one of the mice. Each of those mice is connected with a rod, along side a leaf switch that makes the mouse retreat when boinked on the head by the cat.

It only takes [Dino] about six minutes to walk us with the develop in the video after the break. What complies with is a walk with of the wiring as well as some playtime with the household pets. in spite of the meant purpose, it appears like the canine is much much more interested than the cat. Either way, it’s a champion in our book.