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all of us like Digikey, however of all the major element sellers out there, their web interface truly isn’t that great. A great deal of on the internet sources for parts are much, much prettier, however nothing a great Greasemonkey script can’t fix. This is all the work of [Ben], as well as adds a ton of really, truly helpful features to the Digikey web interface.

First up is a whole lot of photos best at the top of the browse results. If you’re searching for pin headers or strange connectors, this is an astonishing helpful function that will assist you choose the best part faster. after that is a ‘helper’ button for voltages. As you know, choosing a part with a 5V input needs clicking several choices including 3.3-5V, 2.3-6V, as well as 5-40V. Clicking on the helper button as well as entering 5 V will choose all the entrances in the filter that include a 5V part.

[Ben]’s job has been evaluated with Firefox as well as Chrome with Greasemonkey extensions. Head on over to his job page for a much much better demo of all the features for this truly fantastic tool.

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